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diginak | Digital Transportation Platform, is one of the most effective and active platforms in the domestic and international road transportation sector in terms of digitalisation of transportation. Thanks to the unique business model we have developed, we have succeeded in creating a unique platform that includes all stakeholders of the transportation eco-system.


Move your business forward with diginak...

Our platform contributes to the strengthening of the supply chain by completing the missing parts in the transportation process. The platform has also succeeded in increasing the service quality of the sector by developing regular spot truck supply service, which is an alternative solution especially for SMEs that cannot access contract logistics service.

As the Platform, we contribute to the sustainability of the transportation service by supporting the working methods of truck-owner operators, which constitute the main backbone of the transportation system of our country, in such a manner that the expectations of corporate customers can be fulfilled.

transportation business organiser

diginak | Digital Transport Platform provides transportation services within the scope of the TIO ( Transportation Business Organiser) authorisation certificate obtained from the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Türkiye. We pay attention to ensure that all employees of our platform hold the UDY (Senior Level Manager) certificate, which is obtained from the Ministry of Transport by participating in the training and passing the exam which certifies the expertise in logistics affairs.

all stakeholders are here!

All stakeholders of the transport sector can find a room for themselves in diginak | Digital Transportation Platform. Diginak has adopted a constructive / restorative business model, not a disruptive one. By embracing all stakeholders of the sector, Diginak focuses on improving the sector by identifying the aspects of the sector that are open to improvement.

01 shippers

Our shippers can easily manage their transportations through our platform. Diginak | Digital Transportation Platform allows you to easily manage all processes from opening a transportation order to freight payment.

02 agents

The system contributes to the digital transformation of agents which hold H1/H2 Authorization Certificates. It has a TMS (Transportation Management System) module for agents to manage their business in a healthy and efficient manner.

03 carriers

All service providers and subcontractors of diginak have direct access to all transportation opportunities with the diginak Driver Mobile APP application and can receive transportation jobs with a single click and manage their business end-to-end.

the ability to access the appropriate solution for each stakeholder

diginak | Digital Transport Platform has alternative service packages to satisfy the needs of its customers (shippers) with its unique technological infrastructure, flexible modules and high integration capability.

Shippers, carriers and freight forwarders, other stakeholders of the industry and solution partners will have the opportunity to access a solution best suited for them in diginak.

"Regular spot" transportation service

Transportation Management Service (TMS)

Integration of freight payment financing

"Digital transformation" package for transportation

Truck Owner operator management package

Logistics subcontractor management package

the most suitable truck with the affordable cost

By using diginak | Digital Transportation Platform, you can have a transportation starting from "1 Pallet" up to a full truck load.
Along with the transportation request you will open on diginak | Digital Transportation Platform, the most suitable truck and the most accurate price for your load will be offered to you online.

01. FTL

(Full Truck Load)

02. LTL

(Less Than Truck Load)

03. Partial

(Pallet scale)

04. Project Transportation

SME-friendly digital transportation

diginak | Digital Transport Platform has developed a transportation service called regular spot in order to ensure that SMEs do not miss the advantages of contract logistics.

Thanks to this product, SMEs have the opportunity to transport their products to their customers on time and at market prices without being deprived of the assurance of contract logistics.

Through its regular spot service, diginak | Digital Transportation Platform solves the problems of cash payment for freight delivery, freight insurance and the fulfilment rate, which constitute the biggest problems of spot transportation.

diginak regular spot transportation model

In the table below a comparison of contract logistics and the regular spot transport model developed by diginak can be found.

Need Fulfilment Rate
Freight/Commodity Insurance
Payment Term
Point of Contact
Digital Access / Management
Fixed / Variable Price
Annual Cost Advantage
30/60/90 Days
Market Price
Contract Logistics
30/60/90 Days
Fixed Price

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