When the transportation requirement map of Turkey in summer season and the requirement map in winter season are examined, it is seen that there is a significant difference. For example, with the start of the agricultural and tourism season in summer, a noticeable change is observed in the need for domestic transportation.

Logistics companies, which are concentrated in harvest regions and tourism areas in the summer months, move away from industrial works and this reduces the fulfilment rates in industrial transports and increases costs. While Turkey's daily truck requirement is 350-400 thousand trucks loading/day (FTL) in winter, it can reach up to the range of 500-550 thousand in summer. Considering that the main transport capacity of Turkey is 400-450 thousand trucks loading / day, it is understood that while there is a surplus of trucks in winter in relation to domestic demand, there is a shortage of truck during the summer. For this reason, freight prices in the spot market decrease in winter and increase in summer.

What is contract logistics?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

Contract logistics is a form of transportation service procurement that is mostly preferred by medium and large-sized commercial enterprises.

What is spot transport?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

Spot transport is the name given to the transportation of the relevant load to a logistics company or truck-owner operator by the customer (shipper) through a contract to be made only for the relevant transport at daily market prices.

Who is a truck owner operator?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

In this system, truck owner operator, who is usually the owner of the truck, both drives the truck and also has the ability to issue invoices by establishing a sole proprietorship and obtaining an authorisation certificate from the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Turkey.

Who is a Freight Forwarder?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

The legal entity that acts as an intermediary in the transport business by holding the H1 / H2 authorisation certificate obtained from the Ministry of Transport of Republic of Turkey is referred to as a freight forwarder.

What are the factors affecting the shipping price?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

There are many factors affecting the shipping price. Some of them have a significant impact on the transportation price, while others are limited with a low impact.

What is a return load?

Diginak - 6.04.2023

The work that the carrier seeks to find when returning to the point where he has started his main working route is called the return load.