direct access to all transport opportunities

The main transport capacity of the diginak | Digital Transportation Platform is fulfilled by truck owner operators and logistics companies. All service providers and subcontractors of diginak have direct access to all transportation opportunities with the diginak Driver Mobile APP application and can receive transportation jobs with a single click and manage their business end-to-end.

the ability to manage all processes through the mobile app

Carriers working with diginak | Digital Transportation Platform can follow all reservations opened by their customers live/in real time via Driver Mobile APP.

Unlike other applications in the sector, Diginak driver mobile APP application does not bring the customer and the carrier together, instead it brings the transportation job and the individual carrier together. It receives and measures the demand / interest in the transportation job and in the next step, as a result of the negotiation between Diginak and the Individual Carrier, an agreement is reached or if no agreement is reached, the parties thank each other.

how does the diginak carrier platform work?

01 download and sign up!

Download Diginak Driver (Carrier) Mobile Application on Google Play and register to the system by filling in the relevant fields.

02 capture business opportunities!

Matching transport jobs with the right carriers is one of the most effective and successful features of the platform. With Diginak artificial intelligence, transport job opportunities opened on the platform are shared with carriers through three channels:
1) The artificial intelligence of the platform automatically reaches the carriers and the carriers are informed about the opportunities.
2) Carriers are reached through their agents.
3) Carriers are informed about the opportunities through the driver mobile APP.

03 do your transportation and get paid!

After the assignment of the transportation job to the carrier, the performance of the service is monitored by the platform. The completion of the transportation is finalised upon submission of the PoD (Proof of Delivery) document by the carrier. After the delivery document is uploaded to the platform, the process is completed with the payment of the transportation service fee by Diginak accompanied by the freight invoice.

advantages of diginak carrier application

The main backbone of domestic road transportation in Turkey is formed by truck owner operators who have approximately 1 million trucks. In addition to this, 8.000 large and small-scale logistics companies are also operating in our country.

These logistics companies can meet approximately 15-20% of Turkey's domestic road transportation needs. The remaining transportation need is met by 1 million truck-owner operators.

Access to transportation job opportunities all over Turkey.

Possibility to manage all processes via Mobile APP.

Cash freight payment following the submission of the proof of delivery document.

Freight payment 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Carrier specific CRM access

Fast loading and unloading planning

Opportunity to work with outstanding customers